One Piece Manga Chapter 918

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 Luffy uses Tama’s power to tame Speedo, and Zoro and Kiku take the supply cart out of Bakura City. Meanwhile, Hawkins reveals Law’s identity, and after finding out that Holed’em has been defeated and Jack learning about it, Law is reunited with Luffy and Zoro as they take a cart of supplies to the town of Okobore to give to the citizens. Law then prepares to take Luffy and Zoro to the ruins of Oden’s castle to see the ghosts of the land of Wano, and at the top of the hill are the graves for Kozuki Oden, Momonosuke, Kin’emon, Kanjuro, and Raizo.
Luffy grabs Tama as Holed’em falls to the ground, and Zoro has Komachiyo take him, Kiku, and the supply cart to the entrance of Bakura City. Luffy picks up Tama and starts to run, but when he sees the back of Speed’s horse body, he thinks she is a horse and jumps on her back. After Speed ​​realizes what happened, she becomes angry and her subordinates rush at Luffy, but Luffy tells Tama to turn her body into a kibi dango. He then tells her to tame Speed ​​with it, and Tama reveals that food doesn’t work on humans, but to their surprise, Speed ​​eats it and becomes tame and subservient to them. Galloping at full speed, Speed ​​catches up with the grocery cart as her confused underlings chase after her, and Tama tells Luffy that he was the same as Ace when he hit Holed’em with Red Hawk.
Near the front gate of Bakura City, a masked Law prepares to take out Hawkins when he activates his ROOM. However, Hawkins quickly recognizes Law thanks to the ROOM and the arm tattoos, and Law uses the Shambles to transport himself right next to Hawkins. He cuts Hawkins diagonally, but Hawkins uses his Devil Fruit power to transfer the cut to the underling. Law is surprised by Hawkins’ powers and Hawkins turns his sword into straw to lift Law’s mask from his head. Law then attempts to nullify Hawkins’ power by cutting all of his subordinates in half, and the two supernova blades collide. Hawkins welcomes Law to the land of Wano and reveals his knowledge of Law’s alliance. Law is shocked to hear this and Hawkins reveals that he had already met with Luffy and Zoro before he got the call that Holed’em had been defeated and Jack had been informed.
Just then, a supply cart rushes onto the scene and Law rides it while angrily yelling at Zoro for abandoning his post and getting them into deep trouble. A food cart is headed from Bakura town to Okobore town, and the citizens there rejoice as they receive a large amount of fresh food. Batman and two other Gifters attempt to intervene, but are leveled when Luffy slams a giant tub of water onto the ground for the citizens to drink. The citizens thank Luffy for his actions and Luffy states that this is repayment for the food Tama gave him. Luffy tells Tama not to settle for the food cart and says that before he leaves she will be able to eat until she is full every day. Tama is shocked to remember Ace saying the same thing during his visit and starts to tear up.
As the remaining Beasts Pirates try to deal with the mess left in Bakura Town, Hawkins contacts someone to say that Holed’em has been taken down by a force strong enough that even he couldn’t stop it. Then he seems to notice someone. In Okobore City, Law tells Luffy and Zoro that they are going to relocate to the ruins of Oden Castle on top of a nearby mountain. He says that they will meet the spirits of Wano land and says that Luffy will be in for a surprise once he gets there. The scene then changes to the top of said mountain, where the graves of Kozuki Oden, Momonosuke, Kin’emon, Kanjura, and Raizo can be seen.

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