One Piece Manga Chapter 93

One Piece Manga Chapter 93

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Luffy tries to destroy the room where Arlong forced Nami to make maps and manages to break the fish man’s nose. He then sends Arlong crashing all the way through the tower of Arlong Park and demolishing it.
When Luffy breaks off part of Arlong’s Kiribachi, he asks Arlong what he thinks Nami is. Arlong replies that even though she is human, he at least finds her useful and will grant her every wish as long as she continues to draw him maps. As Johnny and Yosaku worry about what is happening to Luffy inside the tower, Luffy kicks Nami’s desk and Nami is startled as she falls to the ground. Arlong angrily wonders why Luffy destroys Nami’s cartography supplies and sends them flying off the tower, and as she watches them fall, Nami remembers Arlong first showing her her cartography room when she was a child. Arlong swings Kiribachi at Luffy, but Luffy dodges it, destroying more of Nami’s maps in the process. Arlong is horrified by what is happening to his maps, remembering how he made Nami work long hours and abused her to get them. Arlong grabs Luffy and yells that it took Nami eight years to make those maps, and outside, Nami silently thanks Luffy as tears fall from her eyes.
Arlong bites Luffy’s neck, but Luffy grabs the fishman’s nose and says that while he may not know anything about fishmen or cartography, he now knows how to help Nami. He rips Arlong’s nose out of place and says he can’t allow this room to exist. Luffy then kicks the ceiling and his leg goes all the way through the roof. Arlong snaps his nose back into place and scoffs at the thought of a human destroying Arlong Park as he turns to Luffy. He bites Luffy in the chest, but Luffy puts his foot on him, sending him crashing down to the ground floor. The impact causes the entire tower to crack and the Straw Hats and citizens prepare to evacuate, but Nami doesn’t want to leave Luffy inside the tower. However, she yells at him when it breaks down right after.

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