One Piece Manga Chapter 930

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Big Mom’s pirates approach the land of Wano and attempt to conquer the waterfall around it, but King flies in and attacks, causing them to fall into the ocean.
Meanwhile, Tonoyasu takes Zoro to Ebisu town where everyone is acting happy. In the Flower Capital, Sanji attacks a raging Page One. He pulls out his Raid Suit Canister and decides to take down Shinuchi before reinforcements arrive.
Tonoyasu brings Zoro to the town of Ebisu, where the residents welcome them. Zoro is surprised at how cheerful they are acting, even though they are talking about hunger. Yasu tells him that since humans have been blessed with the gift of laughter, it would be futile not to use it. Some citizens tell Yasuo that Ushimitsu Kozo visited them last night and gave them the money he stole from the Flower Capital that night. The child offers Zoro clean water from the well, and he reluctantly drinks it, while the citizens of Ebisu continue to smile and laugh, saying that they will not let poverty defeat them.
On Onigashima, Kaidou receives word that the Big Mom Pirates are approaching the land of Wano and have tied the carp to their ship to take them to the waterfall. Angry and distressed, Kaido orders his subordinates to sink them, but the crew accompanying Big Mom easily deal with the Beasts Pirates’ defense system as they begin to climb the waterfall. Big Mom excitedly prepares to confront Luffy and reclaim Zeus, and Kaidou becomes increasingly unhappy as he orders her to be stopped before an all-out war can break out. However, when the Big Mom Pirates reach the top of the waterfall, King arrives, transformed into a pteranodon by the power of Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Pteranodon. It attacks the front of the ship, stopping its momentum and causing it to capsize as it falls straight down to the bottom of the waterfall. King wonders what the Big Mom Pirates were thinking when they only sent one ship to Wano, and the Beasts Pirates celebrate as Big Mom falls into the ocean.
In the flower capital, Usopp, Sanji, Franky, and Law run to avoid capture by the Beasts pirates sent to kill Sanji. Franky asks why they can’t disguise themselves and fight, but Law says it’s too risky and getting hurt here would hurt their chances in the final battle. However, Sanji then hears a woman screaming and the team sees the building collapse as Page One attacks it in his spinosaur form and confronts the owners of the soba shop inside. He tells them to call Sangor and they do so while he continues to attack more food stalls. Sanji then runs away despite his group’s pleas and kicks Page One in the face, knocking him to the ground. Page One contacts the rest of his group to reveal where he and Sanji are, and one of the soba shop owners becomes angry at Sanji for letting his shop be destroyed. Although his group keeps telling him to run before X Drake or Hawkins arrive, Sanji decides to stay and deal with Page One, who doesn’t know who he is. Telling Usopp, Franky, and Law to continue without him, Sanji pulls out his raid suit canister, saying that he will quickly defeat Page One unharmed and be fine as long as his identity is revealed.

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