One Piece Manga Chapter 934

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At sea, the Big Mom Pirates discuss what could have happened to Big Mom, who is currently going to Udon with Chopper, Tama, Momonosuke, and Kiku.
Meanwhile, Nami, Robin, Brook, Shinobu, and Kanjuro escape to the North Graveyard and Robin shares the information she discovered while Brook reveals that there is a Poneglyph in the basement of Orochi Castle. In the Flower Capital, Usopp, Sanji, Franky, and Law read the news about Komurasaki’s death, and Law also sees that Kid has escaped from prison. In the Prison Mines, Luffy learns of Kid’s escape while Hyo is attacked by guards for eating Luffy’s kibi dango. Before Hyo is killed, Luffy attacks Gifter, who is holding him as Queen arrives at the mines.
In the sea bordering the land of Wano, the Big Mom Pirates sail the Queen Mama Chanter and discuss their progress. Perospero notes that Big Mom’s Vivre Card indicates that she is still alive, and the crew speculates that Kaidou and his crew may have taken her captive. However, Smoothie joins her siblings’ discussion of their mother’s possible death, saying that the logic of the situation probably wouldn’t apply to her.
In Amigasa Village, Hitetsu connects with Tama and learns that her group has taken Big Mom to Udon. He tells her to come back immediately, panicking because she is responsible for Momonosuke and doesn’t trust young Tama to protect him. Even after Hitetsu learns that Kiku is accompanying Tamu and Momonosuke, he doesn’t budge, but Tama’s group cuts off contact with him.
The group rides the crocodile shark creatures through the Kuri Wasteland and Kiku vaguely remembers hearing Big Mom’s name before, but Chopper immediately dismisses it, noting that Big Mom’s hat hasn’t said a word since Big Mom got here. Big Mom asks if Udon is close as she is hungry for more food, but Kiku reveals that they still have a ways to go and guides her through the Wano map. Practicing his sword to prepare for the final battle, Momonosuke shouts the word “Sunacchi” which he says to Kiku that he learned from Zoro. However, Kiku tells him never to say it again, revealing that it was once part of the dialect of the people of Kuri in older times and was not appropriate for someone of Momonosuke’s status.
In the northern cemetery in the Ringo area, Nami, Robin, Brook, Shinobu, and Kanjuro are sitting in a house after escaping from the flower capital. Nami expresses her shock at Kyoshiro knocking Komurasaki down, and Kanjuro says that he doesn’t recognize Kyoshiro because Wano’s biggest Yakuza boss was a man named Hyogoro from the Flower 20 years ago. Robin hopes Toko will be safe after dropping her off at the Red-Light District, and Nami says they could check on her on the way to the spa later. Robin expresses disappointment at how little she found out about Orochi’s circuit, though it turns out that she found out a lot, and Brook then reveals that he discovered the Poneglyph in the basement of Orochi’s castle. He says that the room he’s in also had many figurines that Shinobu identifies as kokeshi dolls, and Robin notes that Kaidou’s Road Poneglyph must be on Onigashima as the group prepares to head to the spa.
In the Flower Capital, the citizens are shocked and saddened after hearing of Komurasaki’s death, including Sanji. Franky and Usopp are worried about what happened to Robin’s group, but find they can contact them using Wan’s Den Den Mushi equivalent, Smart Tanishi. Sanji then asks Law if Luffy is on the news, and Law finds no mention of him, but sees that Kid has apparently escaped from Udon’s prison.
At the Prison Mines, the guards announce Kid’s escape and one of them, Alpacaman, pressures Luffy, suspecting him of helping Kid. Just at this point, Grandpa Hyo is attacked by one of the guards, who knows he couldn’t have earned all the food stamps he used. Despite several blows, Hyo refuses to give up his kibi dango and let it go to waste. When the guard picks him up, Hyo refuses to reveal who gave him his food, revealing that he is Hyogoro and that his benefactor’s actions reminded him of the old days when noble men lived in Wano, and he is now willing to die with that fulfillment. . However, Luffy then runs towards Hyogoro and the guard and moves to attack the guard despite the pleas of the prisoners, and as he does so, Queen arrives at the Prison Mines, remarking that it is quite noisy inside.

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