One Piece Manga Chapter 935

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n Ebisu Town, Law, Usopp, and Franky meet up with Tonoyasu, who reveals that Zoro went after someone who stole his sword, and the trio notice that Sanji is gone as well. Meanwhile, Nami, Robin, and Shinobu go to the spa where they continue to discuss Kyoshiro and the yakuza. Shinobu remembers Hyogoro and recalls how he was popular with everyone until he met his downfall after Orochi’s rise to power.
In the Prison Mine, Luffy is attacked by Warden Babanuki after saving Hyo from Daifugo and brought before the Queen for punishment. Meanwhile, Raizo steals the keys to the handcuffs from the Seastone prisoners and is unexpectedly reunited with his friend Kawamatsu.
In the Executive Tower of the Prisoner Mine, some guards report to Vice Governor Solitaire that someone has stolen the keys to the Seastone prisoners’ shackles. All they can remember is that the thief has a big face, and Solitaire berates them for their incompetence, telling them to search every part of the tower. Raizo is currently hopping down the hall too fast for the guards to see him, looking forward to freeing Luffy from his handcuffs and escaping the Prison Mine. However, Luffy just kicked Deputy Daifuga, the punishment for that is execution. The guards chant for Luffy’s execution and the prisoners mourn the inevitable outcome of his heroic deed. Warden Babanuki notes that Luffy has an extremely high will to hurt Daifuga despite being weakened by Seastone, and Luffy states that he trains with this handicap to become stronger. Babanuki wonders why Luffy is trying to get stronger in the face of impending death as he uses his elephant SMILE to unleash an explosive sneeze and Luffy is knocked back and stunned by the blast.
Queen is then summoned from the tent, where she stares at a picture of Komurasaki, seemingly unaware of her death. After performing a short musical number for his underlings, Queen sits on his throne and tells Babanuki to compile an official chart of his problems. Babanuki reveals to him that Eustass Kid has escaped, the keys to the Seastone handcuffs have been stolen, and that Luffy is trying to escape right now. Queen is very shocked by each announcement and tells the guards to capture Luffy immediately.
In Ebisu Town, Tonoyasu offers the use of an empty house to Law, Usopp, and Franky. However, he tells them that Zoro has already left, lost his sword and went after whoever took it. Law’s group then notice that Sanji is not with them and are shocked to wonder if he went to peek in the women’s bath.
Nami, Robin, and Shinobu are in the process of taking a bath at the Flower Capital Spa and can relax without enemies nearby, though Nami isn’t thrilled that it’s a unisex bathhouse with men watching them. The trio then went to have their backs scrubbed by the attendants and overheard some people talking about Kyoshiro, reminiscing about how the yakuza used to be allies of the common people, Hyogoro being chief among them in that regard. Shinobu agrees with their assessment, saying that they would definitely be able to recruit every samurai to their cause if Hyogoro was still around, while it’s likely they’ll only recruit around 500 for the invasion. Hyogoro was the face of the Flower Capital underworld 20 years ago, he controlled five other yakuza bosses and even had Oden’s respect. Nami suggests finding him, but Shinobu says that he refused to submit to the Kurozumi family and was killed by Orochi. Fukurokuju, her former superior, on the other hand pledged her loyalty to Orochi, causing her to leave his service. At this point, Shinobu thinks that Hyogoro is nothing more than an old story.
Back at the prison mine, Luffy and Hyo are brought before the Queen and Luffy refuses to join the Beasts Pirates in order to be pardoned. The queen recognizes Hyo as Hyogoro and laughs at how a legend like him would die a pitiful death. The other prisoners are shocked to find out Hyo’s true identity and Hyo accepts his death but begs Queen to spare Luffy. Queen then comes up with an exciting idea, and as Raizo watches Luffy from afar, the mysterious man in the cell behind him remarks that he looks exactly the same. Raizo asks who is in the cell and the occupant is revealed to be Kawamatsu and asks how Momonosuke is doing.

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