One Piece Manga Chapter 937

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In the Prison Mine, Luffy keeps wiping out the Queen’s fighters in the sumo ring, but the Queen is content to keep eating and watching. Meanwhile, Zoro battles the thief Gyukimaru to reclaim Shusui. However, Kamazo then arrives and pursues the woman and Toko to kill them for Orochi, and Zoro decides to help the two targets. He runs into Kamazo and manages to get one of the assassin’s scythes and take him down.
On the way from Kuri to Udon, both Big Mom and Tama fantasize about shiruko, and Big Mom can’t wait to eat more of it. This worries Chopper as he fears that Shiruko’s absence from the Prison Mine will cause Big Mom to regain her memories and go after Luffy instead. In the Prison Mine, Luffy wipes out Pleasure in a sumo ring with ease as he works to repel his opponents with Busoshoku Haki without touching them like Rayleigh did when he first demonstrated Haki to him. Daifugo tells the Queen that the execution would have ended long ago if he went to the arena, but the Queen is content to continue the fight, appreciating the length and number of combatants in the battle above all else. As she watches, she eats bowl after bowl of shiruko, which she loves very much and doesn’t want to share.
At the Oihagi Bridge in the Ring, Zoro tells Gyukimaru that he has met Ryuma, but Gyukimaru refuses to believe him since Ryuma died centuries ago. During the match, Gyukimaru talks about how the land of Wano was once known as the city of gold, and Ryuma led the land’s samurai in defense against many threats, making him and his Shusui sword national treasures. Unconcerned, Zoro intends to get Shusui back so he can possess all three of his swords again, and Gyukimaru replies that someone like him has no right to the Kokuto that Shusui has become after many battles. Zoro is intrigued by the mention of Kokuto, he’s been thinking about it himself, but before he can ask Gyukimaru, a woman suddenly calls out for help from behind him.
As Zoro turns to see what’s going on, Gyukimaru attacks him from behind, forcing him to quickly parry. The wounded woman heads towards the bridge with Toko begging for their lives and Kamazo leaps towards them and attacks. Zoro strikes his scythe, though he is once again attacked by Gyukimaru, who is determined to continue the battle despite their situation. Kamazo wonders why Zoro and the woman are protecting Toko from him, and the woman says that although he is known as a villainous street killer, he is actually an assassin serving Orochi. He then begs Zora for help and, not wanting to see them murdered, agrees in exchange for food and alcohol. Zoro and Kamazo then fight, with Zoro remarking that the assassin is strong. However, Gyukimaru stands and waits on the bridge, and after seeing the opening, attacks Zoro, forcing him to dodge again. The attack allows Kamaz to stab Zoro through the shoulder with a scythe. However, he can’t pull it out and Zoro takes the scythe and puts it in his mouth to use the three sword style again; he then attacks Kamazo and knocks him down.

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