One Piece Manga Chapter 94

One Piece Manga Chapter 94

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Arlong Park is in ruins, but the citizens don’t know who won the fight. Everyone is worried about Luffy. When they appear on top of the roof of the destroyed building, everyone is filled with joy. The pirates of Arlong were defeated, ending eight long years of suffering. So when the Nezumi marine shows up and asks for Arlong’s money, the village gets upset. Nami hits him with a stick and tells him that Arlong’s money belongs to the villagers. Nezumi is forced to leave the island, but continues to threaten Luffy with revenge. Back at his base, he asks Marine Corps Command to put Luffy on the wanted list of marines.
Back in the village of Cocoyasi, while Dr. Nako tends to Zoro’s injuries, Nami makes a decision in front of Bell-mère’s grave – she will become a pirate.
Luffy destroys the roof of Arlong Park and pieces of the building are thrown into the air. Zoro, who was sleeping, is struck and wonders what happened. Meanwhile, at the base of the building, everyone is wondering what happened inside and who won. Suddenly, to everyone’s delight, Luffy emerges from the destruction and then declares that Nami is his friend. Nami acknowledges his gesture.
Everyone then celebrates the news of Arlong’s defeat. However, they are soon interrupted by Nezumi, who thanks them for allowing him to watch an enjoyable fight, then declares that all the wealth of Arlong Park now belongs to him. He then asks for everyone to drop their hands, but is interrupted by Zoro and is then beaten by the Straw Man. Nami then gives Luffy his straw hat back and attacks Nezumi as well. She tells him to give her the money back. Nezumi leaves and tells them that they will regret crossing him as they all continue to celebrate with Nami, Nojiko and Genzo sitting by Belle-mère’s grave. Back in the village of Cocoyasi Dr. Nako treats Zoro who is in a lot of pain.
Later in the 16th Marine Branch, Nezumi alerts Marine HQ about the Straw Hat crew.

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