One Piece Manga Chapter 945

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The Straw Hats battle the X Drake, Kyoshiro, and Orochi Oniwabanshu as they work to protect Toko and Hiyori. Basil Hawkins intercepts Trafalgar Law trying to rescue his crew members from the Rasetsu prison and reveals that the damage he takes will be transferred to Bepo, Shachi and Penguin.
Outside the city, Bakura Shutenmaru attacks Kin’emon for setting him up, and Kin’emon and Inuarashi apologize before asking him to join their fight again; Shutenmaru decides to take them somewhere in response. In the Prison Mines, Big Mom made her way through the gate looking for o-shiruko. The queen refuses to give her anything and attacks him.
Kurozumi Orochi eagerly orders his subordinates to arrest and behead all of Yasui’s allies as he is kidnapped from Rasetsu City, and Roronoa Zoro continues to pursue him, but Kyoshiro parries all of his blows and refuses to surrender. Zoro wonders who Kyoshiro is and then the Orochi Oniwabanshu arrives on the scene. Fukurokuju confirms Hawkins’ report that all of these enemies are straw pirates and orders his ninja to make sure they capture at least one of them to reveal the information. One of them fires bullets from her lute at Zoro, forcing him to quickly dodge. Sanji hands Toko over to Usopp while he fights the X Dragon. Drake manages to hit Sanji with his allosaurus tail so they crash into a house and he recognizes Sanji as O-Soba Mask. He also reveals that he heard that Sanji is Vinsmoke, and Sanji yells at him to never call him that again.
Meanwhile, Brook assures Hiyori that Toko is safe with their friends, while again intimidating some of the Oniwabanshu with his Gashadokuro projection. However, Daikoku tells Fujino and Raijin to chase Hiyori because he saw her with Zoro before. A short distance away, Trafalgar Law manages to break through the fence and enter the prison where his colleagues are, but Hawkins confronts him. Law notes that Bepo is missing, and Hawkins replies that they weren’t stupid enough to keep all their hostages in one place. He then says that Law can’t beat him because he cut his own arm, causing Shachi’s hand to be cut in the same place. Hawkins tells Law that he couldn’t defeat him until he killed three of his subordinates. Hiyori screams as Fujin and Raijin attack her, and Sanji immediately finds her. However, Zoro suddenly arrives, interrupts the Raijin and escapes with Hiyori, leaving Sanji horrified.
Just outside Bakura Town, Shutenmaru angrily attacks Kin’emon for accusing him of robbery and causing Mount Atama to burn. Inuarashi apologizes, and Kin’emon believes that his former friend is right, as he never took the time to consider what he had been through in the past 20 years, focusing only on the greater good of the upcoming fight. However, they point out to Shutenmaru that Yasuie gave them the opportunity to free their samurai allies, and they would likely come to their aid during the raid on the Fire Festival. He again asks Shutenmaru to join them in their fight, and the bandit responds by taking them somewhere to show them something.
In the Prison Mines, the Beasts Pirates receive word that an intruder has breached all three gates, and they are all surprised that it is none other than Big Mom. Luffy is also stunned, but Big Mom ignores them as she senses o-shiruko and calls Tama to come eat it with her. Tony Tony Chopper is shocked by Shiruko’s apparent presence, and Kiku tells Tama and Momonosuke to stay behind while he and Chopper carefully break into the prison. Inside, Queen is angry when she hears Big Mom mention o-shiruko and wonders if she has come to take his unknowingly non-existent supplies. Despite Babanuki’s warning, Queen transforms into a brachiosaurus with Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Brachiosaurus and confronts Big Mom. However, this causes Big Mom to become impatient with him, jumping up and slamming his head into the ground with tremendous force.

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