One Piece Manga Chapter 950

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Raizo and Hyogoro try to convince the Udon prisoners to join their alliance against Kaidou. Kid and Killer leave Udon to find their crewmates. At Kuri Ashura Doji, he shows Kin’emon and Inuarashi the cemetery and tells them the story of the Kozuki family supporters who attacked Onigashi ten years ago. He then decides to rejoin Kin’emon. Zoro and Hiyori fled to the forest outside the Flower Capital. Meanwhile, Hawkins and Drake have captured and plan to interrogate Law regarding the Alliance’s operations in the land of Wano.
Luffy offers Kida to form an alliance against Kaidou. Kid declines the offer, saying that he has been betrayed by his former allies Basil Hawkins and Scratchmen Apoo and prefers to fight Kaida alone. He also blamed the betrayal of his former allies as the cause of Killer’s suffering after he ate the defective SMILE. Kid and Killer break free and leave the prison to find their other members.
Meanwhile, Raizo, Kawamatsu and Hyogoro try to convince the Udon prisoners to join the alliance and support their cause. However, doubts arose among the prisoners when they learned that Luffy was a pirate and were unsure if they could trust him. However, the trio defends Luffy by saying that there are different types of pirates in the world and Luffy is one of the better pirates. One of the prisoners also doubted that Raizo had traveled 20 years later, saying that he “always looked like an old man”.
In one of the prison rooms, Luffy rests while Chopper tries to find a cure for the Mummy virus. Tama and Momonosuke saw him. Momonosuke insults and complements Luffy at the same time, but Luffy only insults him in return. He takes offense and intends to attack Luffy, but Tama restrains him to prevent further trouble and also becomes infected. Tama won’t do it and Luffy throws rocks at Momonosuke and tells him to leave. Momonosuke is noticed by the prisoners and immediately bowed upon learning that their master was alive and well. The trio realize that the only thing the prisoners lacked was the motivation and evidence to fight them. Kawamatsu temporarily leaves the group as his goal in Udon has been completed and his help would be needed elsewhere.
Kin’emon, Inuarashi and the Thieves of Mt. Atama arrives at the graveyard in Kuri. Ashura Doji shows Kin’emon what happened during his twenty years of absence. These were the remains of the Kozuki soldiers who attacked Onigashima 10 years ago. It was payback for 10 years of suffering under Qaeda rule when he took everything from them. Ashura wept over the loss of his men and wonders why it had to take 20 years. Inuarashi and Kin’emon agreed that they would understand why once the main goals of their alliance were accomplished. Afterwards, Ashura gathered his men to take revenge on Kaidou and his crew on the night of the Fire Festival.
In the forest outside the Flower Capital, Zoro defeats a group of ninjas belonging to the Orochi Oniwabanshu to protect Hiyori. Zoro asks Hiyori if they can go back to the bridge where Gyukimaru resides to retrieve Shusui. Hiyori says she can take him there anytime and is more worried about Toko. Zoro replies that Toko would be safe in the hands of the other Straw Hats and is more worried about his sword as he needs it before the final battle as he feels incomplete without it. Hiyori says that the house is in Oihagi Bridge in Ringo. They then talked about avenging Tonoyasu’s death with Hiyori wanting to kill Orochi herself.
In the Flower Capital, Hawkins intends to interrogate the restraining law about the Straw Hats’ plans in Wano with Drake accompanying him.

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