One Piece Manga Chapter 954

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Zoro accepts Hiyori’s offer to give him Enma instead of Shusui, despite Kawamatsu’s reservations. Law is freed from imprisonment by a mysterious figure and slashes Hawkins, who reveals that his alliance with Kid and Apoo was blown due to Apoo secretly working for Kaida all along.
Two days later, several members of the Straw Hat family and Kozuki meet to discuss the strategy for the final battle, and Kin’emon reveals that Yasuie changed their secret message to have their allies meet at Port Tokage in Udon.
Meanwhile, Apoo and the Numbers arrived in Wano for the Fire Festival, and on Onigashima, Kaidou and Big Mom revealed to the King and Queen that they had formed an alliance to take over the world.
In Ringo, Kawamatsu objects to Hiyori’s offer for Zoro to accept her Enma sword. Hiyori tells Zoro that her father Oden used two swords in the fight and gave her Enma, while Momonosuke gave Ame no Habakiri. Kawamatsu further objects as he does not want a sword of such honorable origin to be given to a man of unknown origin, and Zoro agrees to return Shusui in exchange for Enma, but asks to visit Ryuma’s grave, revealing that he fought a samurai. ; this causes Kawamatsu to think of him as completely delusional.
The next day, with six days to go before the Battle of Onigashima, the samurai in the prison in the city of Rasetsu have yet to be released. However, Law managed to subdue Hawkins, cutting him in half at the waist, severing his hands while inflicting significant injuries on him. Law told Hawkins to reveal what happened to the pirate alliance between him, Kid, and Apoo. Hawkins said they were started by Apoo, who had worked for Kaida before the alliance was formed. Kaidou attempted to recruit supernovas into his crew to strengthen his army, and with zero chance of winning or escaping, Hawkins decided to submit to him. Kid and Killer, on the other hand, decided to fight the Emperor and did so until they collapsed. Hawkins assumes that Kaidou worked to break their spirits while he and Orochi did whatever they wanted with the rest of their crew. Hawkins notes that Law and Luffy managed to get to Wano still on good terms, but wonders if Law has changed his mind. Law says Hawkins doesn’t care as he slashes the supernova and storms out of his cell. The person who allowed Law to escape is standing outside the cell, and Law says that if his escape is part of the person’s grand plan, he’ll go along with it.
The next day in the Prison Mines, Luffy is training to advance his Busoshoku Haki by attacking the steel wall. Hyogoro tells him to think about his defeat with Kaida to speed up his progress, and Luffy does so as the prisoners watch in awe as he hits steel like it’s jelly.
At Amigasa Village, Kin’emon contacts the Ship Repair Team at Port Itachi, the Weapon Preparation Team at Udon, the Katana Retrieving Team at Ringo, and the Yakuza Rousing Team at Kibi to tell them all that Yasuie altered the Kozuki family’s secret message by drawing two lines on the belly of the serpent Habu. Nami is impressed that everyone understands what the change means and asks Kin’emon about it since she doesn’t know herself. Kin’emon explains that the change can be understood if he knows the names of all the ports in Wano, which are all named after animals. By adding lines to the snake Habu, Yasuie gave it legs so it resembled the lizard, the namesake of Port Tokage in Udon. Instead of Port Hab, their meeting place will now be Port Tokage. The group around Kin’emon and Nami, consisting of Zoro, Sanji, Robin, Brook, Momonosuke, Kanjuro, Raizo, Inuarashi, Kikunojo, Kawamatsu, Ashura Doji, Shinobu, and Hitetsu, praise Yasuie’s recent actions and are optimistic about their efforts to recruit 5 000 allies to fight Kaida, with only Denjiro still missing from Kozuki’s troops. Kin’emon then starts a strategy meeting.
There are two ways to enter Wano: be pulled into the waterfall by a giant carp or enter the cave behind the waterfall. At the end of the cave is Port Mogura, where people arriving will be taken up to Hakumai via gondola. The second option is the only safe one, but one can only get into the cave with the permission of Kaidou and Orochi. At the end of the gondola at Hakumai, Apoo reports to Kaidou that he has come to attend the Fire Festival banquet as he is very much looking forward to the annual Golden Kagura. As Apoo and his colleague walk through Hakumai, they are joined by a hulking hulking figure. A nearby child wonders what it is, and another child reveals that it is a Number, saying that if he sees them, he will be eaten. On Onigashima, the King tells the Queen that the Numbers have returned to the banquet, which displeases the Queen due to their drinking problems.
Kaidou and Big Mom express their anticipation for the Fire Festival as they laugh happily together, much to Queen’s confusion. They then reveal to the Queen and King that they have formed a pirate alliance to take over the world, and after achieving their goal, they will try to kill each other again. This revelation is met with extreme shock.

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