One Piece Manga Chapter 955

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Hitetsu gives Enma Zoro and Zoro takes control of him after stopping him from draining his Haki. Hitetsu reveals that Wado Ichimonji was made by the same swordsman who made Enmu: Shimotsuki Kozaburo, who illegally left Wano many decades ago.
Three days have passed and the day before the raid, the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance has added hundreds of new allies, although they are still greatly outnumbered by Kaido and Orochi’s forces, and have failed to free the prisoners in Rasetsu City. Luffy continues to train and successfully strengthens his Haki. However, Orochi knows about the alliance’s new meeting place after deciphering Yasuie’s change of secret message, and also knows where Hiyori is.
When Zoro and Kawamatsu were with Hiyori in the Ring, she told them that despite her concerns about Toka, she would not go with them to meet everyone so as not to stir up their emotions. To Kawamatsu’s shock, he bows to them and encourages them to work with everyone else to protect Wan. In Amigasa Village in the present, Momonosuke and the current members of the Nine Red Sheaths except Kawamatsu are excited to hear that Hiyori is alive. Momonosuke thanks Zoro for protecting his sister, whom he still remembers as an energetic and physical six-year-old. Sanji is horrified to realize that the woman with Zoro was Hiyori and tries to coax Momonosuke into trying to get with her.
Hitetsu then says that his preparations are complete, and Kikunojo gives him back the Nidai Kitetsu she got from Luffy in Udon. He then introduces Oden’s two blades, Enma and Ame no Habakiri. Momonosuke says he’s not ready to wield Ame no Habakiri yet, but Zoro takes Enma. Hitetsu warns him that only Oden was able to tame Meito and tells him to try cutting down a nearby tree. Zoro swings the Enma and ends up severing the entire cliff face and his crew members quickly become alarmed as the sword draws a significant amount of Busoshoku Haki from his arm. However, Zoro manages to get Haki back into his arms. Hitetsu praises him for taming the blade, saying that an ordinary swordsman would instantly lose all of his energy due to Enma forcing the user to use massive amounts of Busoshoku Haki. He asks Zoro if he wishes to keep the blade, which Zoro confirms.
With three days left until the raid on Onigashi, Robin reveals that she found out from her investigation that the Beast Pirates have around 20,000, while Orochi will have around 10,000 men to accompany him. Since the Ninja-Pirate-Nink-Samurai alliance is only around 4,000, Kin’emon rules out a direct confrontation and Ashura Doji says they are at a disadvantage even with the plans for Kaidou’s mansion in their possession. At Port Itachi, Franky orders the workers to get enough ships in serviceable condition for 100,000 people, even though no one expects nearly that many to arrive. In the Prison Mine, Luffy is in Gear 4 and uses the Gomu Gomu no King Kong Gun with a normal fist by projecting his Haki from it. The attack breaks the block completely and Hyogoro says that he is using too much brute force. Luffy says that the attack wasn’t enough, which scares the people watching him. In the Bamboo Forest near Amigasa Village, Momonosuke tells Zoro while they are training that he was told not to say the word “Sunacchi”, and Zoro tells him that he picked it up after hearing the older people in his home village use it.
The next day, Luffy, Chopper and Tama arrive at Amigasa Village. Meanwhile, the four regional yakuza bosses contact Kin’emon to announce that they have recruited 200 more people. Kin’emon mentions that he hasn’t heard from Law yet, and Shinobu is fine with him not being with them, though Kin’emon disagrees. Ninja reports from Rasetsu City that there is no chance of freeing the prisoners there, and the prisoners are distressed that they won’t be able to help in the raid. With everyone he can contact in a position to move, Kin’emon instructs them all to prepare for the upcoming battle.
The next day, Kin’emon’s group leaves and he says goodbye to Luffy until they meet again tomorrow. While many workers are slaving away throughout Wan, rumors spread among them that the Kozuki family has returned and is secretly planning a raid, though many of them have little hope of changing this. Kin’emon’s group consisting of Momonosuke, Shinobu, and the seven Red Sheaths present head across the wastelands towards Port Tokage. Nearby, the Norse have built graves for Yasuie and Pedro and pay their respects along with Robin and Tok. Hitetsu goes to check on Zoro’s training and reveals that he created the Sandai Kitetsu. He then says that Zoro is getting used to Enma quickly because she was made by the same swordsman as Wado Ichimonji. That swordsman’s name was Shimotsuki Kozaburo, who illegally left Wano more than 50 years ago. Hitetsu is convinced that under Zoro’s possession, Enma will finally become the Black Blade. Meanwhile, Luffy successfully punches a hole in the tree by projecting his Haki, and in the Flower Capital, Orochi contacts the Prison Mine to see if everything is okay. Upon hearing the confirmation, Orochi deems the message he possesses to be false, though he notes that the alliance’s meeting place has been changed to Port Tokage and that Hiyori is alive and hiding in the Northern Graveyard. On the day of the Fire Festival, Orochi’s procession heads to Onigashima and a war that will affect the fate of the entire world has begun as Act 2 of the Wano Country Arc concludes.

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