One Piece Manga Chapter 958

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25 years ago, Kozuki Oden parted ways with the Roger Pirates after their trip to Laugh Tale, in an attempt to open the borders of the land of Wano. In the present, Orochi heads to Onigashima from Port Habu to attend the Fire Festival, and as dusk approaches, the Nine Red Sheaths reach Port Tokage. However, none of their allies are there and they can’t get in touch with anyone, including the Straw Hats.
25 years ago, Kozuki Oden expressed his appreciation for being able to join Gol D. Roger on his journey. Silvers Rayleigh, Shanks, and Buggy offered to help him in his quest to open the borders of the land of Wano, but Oden replied that he should do it himself; he was sure that with the help of his charges he could become the shogun and achieve his goal.
Act 3 of the Wano Country Arc is currently starting. At Port Habu in Hakumai, Orochi boards a ship bound for Onigashima and the Fire Festival, telling Fukurokuju to let the people know that Kyoshiro has been put in charge of the flower capital for the time being. Orochi starts drinking as soon as they set sail, and in the Flower Capital, the citizens begin to party and take advantage of the only day that alcohol is allowed.
While they and Orochi are enjoying the beautiful weather, Momonosuke and the nine red pods arrive at Port Tokage to find that not only is there a heavy storm, but their ships and allies are nowhere in sight. Momonosuke says they should change the meeting date, and Kin’emon desperately tries to summon his allies on Tanishi. However, he is unable to reach any of them and his pleas quickly become desperate before Ashura Doji silences him. Ashura notes that the port looks like it’s been attacked, and as the Pochevs begin to lose hope that their allies will show up, Inuarashi finds a ship that looks intact and prepares to sail to Onigashima alone. On Onigashima, Orochi is having fun as he thinks about the incident that happened the previous day.

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