One Piece Manga Chapter 959

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In the days leading up to the Fire Festival, Orochi ordered his men to destroy the bridges connecting the regions of the country to prevent the members of the Kozuki Alliance from convening at Port Tokage. He also had his men attack the Thousand Sunny after discovering its location, and in the city of Ebisu, the citizens drew the wrath of Holed’em after they claimed to have eaten the food rations stolen by the Nine Red Sheaths. Back in the present, the Sheath decides that they must go forward with their plan regardless of what they remember Oden telling them that the tides of the world will change when Wan’s borders are opened.
Two days before the final battle, the alliance members moved to finish preparations and head to Port Tokage. After seeing to the completion of the ship’s restoration at Port Itachi, Franky and Usopp headed to Amigasa Village to reunite with their crew, leaving the ships in the care of the Wano Musketeers and Carpenters.
At the Prison Mine, Hyogoro oversaw the inmates collecting all the weapons they could find while Cho retrieved the weapons stored in Ringo. Jibuemon talked to some allies about making sure they all moved to Port Tokage inconspicuously, and they agreed, even though Orochi and many of his officials would have already left for Onigashima.
At Amigasa Village, Hitetsu gave the Straw Hats some kabuto armor and Luffy, Chopper, and Brook were excited to put them on. Sanji asks Zoro why he doesn’t want to wear armor, to which he replies that it slows him down. He then finally taunts Zoro with his higher reward, causing Zoro to release Enma. Nami and Robin talked to Carrot, Wanda, Shishilian, Concelot, and Giovanni about the full moon that would be present during the final battle, hoping that the Norse could use Sulong and that Nekomamushi and the Guardians would arrive in time. Meanwhile, Luffy looked towards the ocean and noticed that Jinbe hadn’t arrived yet, even though Big Mom was here. After finding out what happened to Jinbe, Zoro assured Luffy that the fish man would come if he was still alive.
In Ebisu town, the citizens found some money left behind by Ushimitsu Kozo, which surprised them as they hadn’t heard of any thefts in the flower capital last night.
However, in the town of Okobore, the citizens were confronted by Holed’, who revealed that the Paradise Farm was still being stolen despite burning down the thieves’ hideout, Mt. The citizens reasoned that the Nine Red Sheaths had probably stolen the food if the reports of their return were accurate, though they chose not to say a word about it. Tsuru then came and told Holed’em that she would lead him to eat because she wanted to help her husband Kin’emon and the Kozuki family’s plan. However, the other citizens stopped her by loudly claiming to have eaten the stolen food, shocking her and angering Holed.
The night before the final battle, three winged Gifters flew to Kuri Beach and discovered the Thousand Sunny still sitting in a cave, and on Orochi’s orders, dropped explosives on it to destroy it. Orochi also had the large bridges connecting the regions destroyed, in addition to the alliance ships in Port Itachi. He wondered aloud what was going on with the Kozuki family as he was sure they had returned even though he had yet to see one of them with his own eyes. He was also certain of the news of their return and stated that even though Yasuie had shaken his subordinates’ trust in him, it didn’t matter because he had all the power and could do whatever he wanted. With the ships and bridges destroyed, he would ensure that none of the Nine Red Sheaths’ allies could reach them on the day of battle, causing all hope to be lost.
In the present, the Nine Red Sheaths are trying to sail to Onigashima by themselves, and Momonosuke begs them to stop, saying that they could invade later. However, Kin’emon replies that they cannot wait as their takeover of Udon would eventually be revealed and Kaidou would hunt down every rebel. The town of Okobore has already been burned to cover the tracks. As Shinobu restrains Momonosuke, the Sheaths say that he and Hiyori should live on, but they had to fight to fulfill Oden’s wish until the bitter end, as they would be nothing without him. Kin’emon remembers Oden telling them that Wano has been isolationist for centuries because of something closely related to the Kozuki family, and that the tides of the world will only shift once the borders are opened. 41 years ago in the Flower Capital, the citizens were outraged and horrified when Oden returned to the city after failing to set sail and told him to die when he complained that the land was too cramped.

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