One Piece Manga Chapter 960

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41 years ago, Kozuki Sukiyaki prepared to give up his 18-year-old son and heir Oden due to Oden’s lifetime of outrageous deeds. When he did, Oden unnerved the citizens of the Flower Capital as he returned from a failed attempt to sail away and cooked Oden a pot over the man’s cremated remains. Meanwhile, a member of the Kin’emon gang stole a very valuable white boar and took it to the capital. However, Denjiro told him that his possession would incur the wrath of his parent, who was as big as a mountain and known as a mountain god. As the Mountain God began to attack the Capital City, Oden overheard Kin’emon and Denjiro talking and told them to give him the white boar.
41 years ago, Wano Country was full of vegetation and life. At the teahouse on the mountain pass, the three men told the Tsuru poster girl that they saw the mountain move, and she would wonder if they saw the Mountain God. The men then revealed that they had hunted a rare white boar that they could sell to the gang boss Kuroko for a piece of white gold. Tsuru then heard a noise nearby and turned and knocked Kin’emon to the ground as he tried to steal from her purse. Kin’emon said his friends had money problems but Tsuru wouldn’t have them, she said she would strip him of all his belongings, even his organs, if Kin’emon continued to neglect his debt. The three men headed off, but Kin’emon later caught up with them and beat them up to retrieve the white boar he heard them talking about in the teahouse. He planned to take the boar to Kurokoma and stole the men’s money and clothes.
At the shogun’s castle in the Flower Capital, a scribe informed Kozuki Sukiyaki that Kozuki Oden had not set sail after the 38th, but was still alive. He then recounted the numerous incidents in Oden’s life, beginning with his childhood when he threw his teat across the room. When he was two, he caught two rabbits with his bare hands, and when he was four, he killed a bear by throwing a boulder at it. He started spending money in the Red-Light District at the age of six, and by the time he was eight he was getting drunk and fighting with gamblers. He was nine when the yakuza barred him from their casino, and he responded by setting fire to the casino, causing war to break out. Captured at the age of 10 after nearly killing someone, he was sentenced to hard labor in a quarry, but quickly worked his way up until he made it. The job caused a change in his attitude, as when he was 14 he tried to help the citizens of Flower Capital during a long drought, but ended up flooding them after diverting the river to him. A year later, he took a job at a mountain temple and kidnapped a woman from the capital every night to form a harem. Although the women stayed with him of their own accord, their loved ones and many powerful samurai attacked Oden, and even the Hyogoro family was forced into the fighting. The scribe reported that Oden, now 18 years old, was still causing trouble on a daily basis, and Sukiyaki told him to give Oden a message that he had been expelled from the Kozuki family.
Outside, the gang tried to arrest Kin’emon, preventing him from taking the white boar into the Kurokoma family. Hyogoro heard of Kin’emon’s presence and advised his men not to follow him as Kin’emon would defeat them. Elsewhere, orphan Denjiro cheated a shop owner by exchanging a small pot for a large one at no extra cost, and was then called out by Kin’emon. At the Flower Capital Crematorium, the family of the recently deceased Katsuzo were outraged and upset when they saw Oden preparing a pot of oden soup on top of Katsuzo’s cremated remains. After consuming the oden and sake, Oden bowed to Katsuz before leaving.
As he walked down the street, Oden talked to some officials who had been bribed to capture him and wondered why the fire bell kept ringing. The man in the tower said it was bigger than fire, and in a nearby alley, Denjiro told Kin’emon that he shouldn’t have brought the white boar into the Flower Capital, as Kurokoma probably intended to use it for destruction. the Hyogoro family. The parents of these white boars were known as mountain gods because they were the size of mountains; moreover, they always watched their offspring carefully. Now the mountain god was attacking the Capital, and Oden, overhearing their conversation, approached them and told them to give him the white boar.

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