One Piece Manga Chapter 961

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41 years ago, the mountain god swept through the Flower Capital and Kin’emon tried to attack him in vain after discovering that he had eaten Tsuru. Oden then approached the mountain god with his offspring and used his Nitoryu to cut him in half. Since he owned a white boar, Oden took the blame for the incident and received notice from Sukiyaki that he was rejected and banished from the capital. Oden happily set off on his journey, and Kin’emon and Denjiro decided to become his followers. The trio went to Hakumai to meet the daimyo Shimotsuki Yasuie, who introduced them to his new servant Kurozumi Orochi.
As the mountain god begins to make his way through Flower City in search of his offspring, Kin’emon tries desperately to keep the little boar calm. Oden asks Kin’emon for the boar, although he refuses, as it is worth enough money for him to finally pay off his debts. Denjiro stands in awe of Oden’s presence, reflecting that Oden is the only adult he respects. Several citizens in the Flower Capital begin to correctly suspect that the mountain god is attacking to kidnap his child and decide to search for him. The large creature continues to eat houses and people whole, even tearing families apart. Bongo eventually finds Kin’emon and the boar, and after the two exchange accusations of bringing chaos to the capital, Bongo explains that his friends were eaten for having boar smell on their clothes. They kidnapped O-Tsuru as payback for Kin’emon stealing the boar from them originally, but were chased and eaten as they walked down the mountain…including O-Tsuru. Realizing his guilt, Kin’emon unhesitatingly drops the boar and charges head-on at the beast. As the mountain god notices his child’s scent on Kin’emon and prepares to attack, Kin’emon reflects on all the trouble O-Tsuru has caused him. Kin’emon demands it back from the creature, attacks and succeeds in impaling the mountain god through the snout. This ultimately proves ineffective and the beast shakes him off by crashing into nearby buildings. Now bloodied, Kin’emon defiantly stands up to challenge him again, causing Oden to notice that he has guts. However, Denjiro warns him to stop as the mountain god once again sends him crashing through several buildings. Unable to stand up again this time, Kin’emon declares that if O-Tsuru dies because of him, then he would like to die too.
As the mountain god prepares to continue his rampage in search of his child, Oden holds the boar in the air, calling for his parent’s attention. The citizens see this and begin to blame Oden for the original misfortune, once again reminding Kin’emon of his responsibility for the day’s events. Oden mentions that he had a craving for boar stew, and when the creature approaches, he cuts it completely in half with “Oden Two Sword Style: Paradise Waterfall”. The citizens look on in complete shock, with Hyogoro visibly impressed by Oden’s strength. Despite the creature consuming a quarter of the capital’s entire population, there were miraculously no casualties. As the citizens begin to reconnect with their loved ones, they appreciate how cool Oden looked when he defeated the creature, but mourn him for causing trouble. Kin’emon prepares to announce that the whole incident was his fault, but Oden throws a rock and knocks him down, telling him not to do anything stupid.
At this exact moment, a servant breaks the news to Oden that his father Sukiyaki has disowned him. Oden takes the news in stride, saying the capital simply couldn’t sustain his greatness as he leaves. Eighteen-year-old Oden leaves the Flower Capital, intending to sleep wherever the sun sets. O-Tsuru asks a sobbing Kin’emon what’s wrong, who claims he would happily die for a man like Oden. Denjiro agrees and runs after Oden, causing the two to argue along the way over whose crush on the swordsman is bigger.
After some time, the group arrives at Hakumai, where they are greeted by an incredibly eager servant. Yasuie is pretty sick of seeing Oden after hearing about his banishment, and even more disappointed that he’s attracting followers. A servant throws his body over a puddle for Oden’s group to walk over, prompting Oden to call him a creep. Yasuie mentions that this is his new servant, who humbly introduces himself as Orochi.

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