One Piece Manga Chapter 970

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Kozuki Oden and the Nine Red Sheaths fought a fierce battle against Kaidou and his crew in the Udon region. The battle ended in the defeat of Oden and his allies.
Oden and Sheath were then imprisoned in the Flower Capital and sentenced to be executed.
As Kozuki Oden and the Nine Red Sheaths march on Kaido, it is revealed that Shimotsuki Yasuie is also hastily on the move. Oden and the scabbards are shocked to discover Kaidou waiting for them, fully prepared for battle, as he planned to attack Kaidou when he got drunk on Onigashima Island. Kaidou reveals that he has a spy in Oden Castle and since his new mansion was just built, he didn’t want it to be used as a battlefield. As Oden takes off his robes and prepares for battle, he realizes that Kaidou and Orochi have been feeding him all the lies for the past five years. Kaidou confirms this, revealing that due to their lower numbers at the time, he felt they would be at a disadvantage upon Oden’s return if he allied with Hyogoro and the National Samurai. He further chastises Oden for choosing the peaceful option to save lives, noting that Roger and Whitebeard also had a soft spot for civilians despite their fearsome reputations as pirates. Kaidou ends by mocking Oden for his dancing – claiming that he has none of the dignity of his predecessors, to which Oden retorts that he stands by his decision.
Oden effortlessly fights his way through the first wave of Kaidou’s powers and the rest of the pods support him into battle. The opposing forces are taken aback by how strong the samurai really are, but still believe in their superiority. As the battle begins in earnest, Yasuie arrives at Oden’s castle and reveals that Oden has sent him a message that his family will be in danger. He warns Toki that they must be prepared for the worst, as if Oden loses this battle, then the entire country is lost.
On the battlefield, the beastly pirate targets Oden with his rifle, but is struck down with a kunai from an unknown assailant. Oden notices someone moving in the trees above and asks who did it, to which Shinobu reveals himself. She asks to join him in battle, and Oden recognizes her from her youth when she served his father as shogun. She says that she stayed at the castle, hoping to eventually serve the Kozuki clan and Oden again, but the Oniwabanshu ended up switching their allegiance to Orochi. She is saddened when Oden does not rebuke her for losing faith in the “mad lord”, but nevertheless reaffirms her desire to aid the scabs in battle. When Shinobu joined the fight, it became eleven samurai against a thousand pirates. Despite this, the battle took much longer than expected as Oden proved stronger than the enemy could ever imagine. Kaidou unleashes a massive fire, but Oden recovers from it and manages to cut his throat with “Oden Two-Sword Style: Paraside Totsuka”. Rana knocks Kaido to the ground, to which his subordinates do not believe. As Oden approaches the final blow, he suddenly hears Momonosuke calling out to him, which interrupts him as he looks to see his son being held captive by a beast pirate. Taking advantage of the opening, Kaidou returns to his human form and smashes Oden across the face with his mace, incapacitating him. “Momonosuke” is revealed to actually be Kurozumi Higurashi using his Mane Mane powers, and the distraction results in Ashura Doji being stabbed in the back while the rest of the pods are overpowered.
The fighting was so intense that it caused fires in the Udon forests that did not subside until it rained five days later. Oden and the Nine Sheaths were eventually imprisoned in the Flower Capital, Shinobu was released after Oden claimed he had no connection to her. She is pensive as she walks through the streets of the capital, listening to the cold reactions of the townspeople to Oden’s defeat. He stops when the punishment for Oden and his charges is officially announced. Momonosuke and Hiyori ask about their father’s return and Toki doesn’t give a straight answer. Tsuru is seen brooding over an origami crane while Yasuie sits in the rain on the steps of his house. It is announced that in three days, Oden and his nine minions will be boiled to death in the capital’s public square.

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