One Piece Manga Chapter 972

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Shocked by what Shinobu revealed, the citizens change their behavior and start cheering for Oden, only to find themselves surrounded by Orochi’s men. Nearing the end of the set time, the citizens count down and after the hour has passed, Orochi calls in the firing squad to execute Oden and his men. Oden throws his men off the gallows, leaving them with his wish to open the borders of Wan to the world. As the Sheaths escape, Oden dies when Kaidou shoots him.
Back in Kuri, news reaches Toki and she remembers that Oden gave her his swords in prison to pass on to their children. The letter he gave her before he left told her to use her power in preparation for a great war in 20 years.
When the citizens are surprised by Shinobu revealing the truth behind Oden’s actions, she is threatened by Fukurokuju and the Orochi Oniwabanshu for speaking out against the Shogun. Shinobu confronts her former leader about the rise of the Kozuki family, but he dismisses her words. Meanwhile, the citizens plead for Orochi to stop the execution, but are shot with arrows in response.
The crowd then becomes aware of both Orochi and Oden’s actions, but discover too late that they are surrounded by Orochi’s men as word of Oden’s bravery spreads. Oden then talks to his charges about a figure from 800 years ago that Wano Country should be ready to follow. He then declares that he will die today, much to Kikunojo’s distress, and reveals his wish to open Wano to the rest of the world.
The news continued to spread throughout Wan, to its other regions, as the temperature of the boiling oil continued to rise. The citizens cheered Oden, encouraging him to resist the torture and apologizing for their harsh words and ignorance. Despite the situation and their past, Oden forgave them all and thanked and appreciated their support.
Oden then reveals his wish once more, now to the rest of Wano, revealing that it was Kozuki who sealed Wano away to protect him from being harmed by an unknown force. He then goes on to state that Wano and the entire world are waiting for a figure to come after 800 years. When that time comes, Wano, Oden points out, must welcome them and work with them. She then asks her sheaths to open Wan’s border to make it happen. As Denjiro starts to comment, he is stopped by Raizo, who speaks on Pochev’s behalf, saying that they would make Oden’s dream their own.
As the hour approached and Oden remained standing, Orochi began to worry and the clock and citizens counted down until the hour was over. As the citizens and Sheath celebrated, it was short lived as a firing squad gathered around the pot and Orochi revealed that he had changed his mind a minute before and was preparing to kill the entire group. When a citizen tries to object and is shot down, Oden throws his men far from the gallows and frees them. Kin’emon tells his fellow Pochevs to run towards Kuri. Shinobu is also able to escape, and as the Pochevs remember their savior under fire, Kaidou points a gun at Oden, still in the boiling pot.
The pirate comments on Oden’s heroism and apologizes for Higurashi’s actions in their last fight before revealing that he had her killed. Oden praises him for his honor and recites the phrase of his name “I am Oden and I was born…”, but he is shot and his body submerged in the sizzling oil, leaving the grieving citizens to finish in his honor, “Cook!”
Back in Kuri, at Oden Castle, a servant tells Kozuki Toki the news and she reads the letter Oden left her before he left to face Kaidou. In the letter, Oden gives Toki instructions in case he fails to bring Kaido down. He tells her that in 20 years from now, a war will probably break out and a power capable of overthrowing Kaidou will come to the New World, and asks her to use her powers. Toki then remembers how she visited Oden when he was imprisoned. He gave her his swords to pass on to their children. Toki tears up the letter and tearfully promises to follow Oden’s words.

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