One Piece Manga Chapter 979

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Luffy attacks several Beasts Pirates for wasting the red bean soup, and Zoro quickly finds him and joins him. Scratchmen Apoo then uses his “Fighting Music” to attack and injure the duo with his sounds, forcing them to flee. Meanwhile, Eustass Kid decides to discard his disguise as well and attacks Apoa in revenge for betraying him and his crew.
Luffy continues to watch the Beasts pirates mock the oshiruko after spilling it, and unleashes the Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun on the Pirates as he angrily questions why they are surrounded by so much food when Tama can’t even take a bite to eat. . Several people notice the commotion Luffy causes, including Queen and Eustace Kid. While Kid wonders what Luffy is doing, he decides to leave him to his devices so he can easily get to the banquet hall. He suddenly sees the tower being cut in half by Roronoa Zoro who heard the noise and ran to see what was going on. Zoro calls out Luffy for ruining their plans by starting a ruckus so early (when Kid retorts he’s causing one himself). Luffy explains to Zoro that they spilled a pot of oshiruko, which Zoro also reminds Tama of, and agrees to help him cut them down. Kid on the other hand doesn’t understand why the two are so sensitive about oshiruko. As the Beast Pirates observe Luffy and Zoro arguing about giving themselves away, Scratchmen Apoo immediately recognizes them and wonders why Luffy is on Onigashima when he thought he was in Udon. The Beasts Pirates attack Luffy and Zoro as they now find it suspicious and the two of them make a run for it.
Apoo contacts Queen and informs him that Luffy and Zoro were on Onigashima. Although Queen remembers Babanuki’s message that “everything is fine”, she informs her subordinates that she plans to eliminate member Tobiroppo, leaving a vacancy for the takeover. Several members of the Beasts Pirates are excited at the idea of ​​joining the group. Luffy and Zoro continue to fight several Gifters to reach Kaidou’s castle, but Luffy is attacked by Apo’s Tatakau Music. Zoro recognizes Apoo as Kid’s former ally and Luffy questions how Apoo could have hit him. He uses it again and cuts Zoro across the chest, confusing Zoro as he didn’t see anything cutting him. Apoo then launches an explosion at Luffy knocking him down as Queen says it’s supposed to be a good show. Zoro grabs Luffy and runs away with him, thinking that they can’t take damage this soon and they need to be at full strength before taking on Kaidou. Luffy wakes up and helps Zoro fight the other Gifters. Just as Apoo prepares another attack, Kid crushes him with his Punk Gibson, despite Killer warning that this will blow their cover, as Kid wanted revenge on Apoo for betraying him.

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