One Piece Manga Chapter 98

One Piece Manga Chapter 98

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While standing atop Roger’s execution platform, Luffy is approached by a mysterious beautiful lady who claims to know him. He is actually Alvida who was transformed after eating the devil fruit. She teamed up with the Buggy Pirates, who also showed up to get revenge. Cabaji manages to capture Luffy and immobilizes his head in preparation for his execution.
Hearing of the commotion taking place in the square, Marine Captain Smoker and his Sergeant Tashigi take the necessary steps to arrest the pirates. Meanwhile, the other Straw Hats find themselves and are shocked to see what happened to Luffy.
Sanji becomes interested in the elephant trunk tuna from South Blue and decides he wants to buy it. Usopp finds some cheap eggs to buy and Nami is at the store buying some clothes. Nami notes that the weather is changing and that it will rain soon. Meanwhile, Luffy stands on the execution platform where the greatest pirate, Gold Roger, died, and is so amazed by the sight. The officer tells Luffy to get off the platform. She states that she belongs to the World Government, but is soon broken by Alvida.
Alvida, now looking different than the last time Luffy met her, tells Luffy that he is the only man who has ever beaten her and that she wants him as a strong man. Although Luffy can’t remember who he is. Loguetown officers want to arrest Alvida for injuring a World Government officer, but an explosion takes out the officers and Alvida shows her Devil Fruit power when a fountain projectile slips from her skin. Buggy appears and reveals to Luffy that the now beautiful lady is actually Alvida, much to Luffy’s confusion.
Alvida confirms that she is now a Devil Fruit Sube Sube no Mi user and her skin cannot be scarred. Alvida reveals the alliance she has with Buggy the Clown as they share the same goal – to finish off Luffy. Buggy blames Luffy for the adventure he had to go on as a young Buggy without his crew. Cabaji imprisons Luffy on the execution platform, foreshadowing Gold Roger’s final moments.
Meanwhile, at the naval base, Captain Smoker is informed of the chaos caused by the pirates on the execution platform. He orders the Marines to close all roads leading to the execution platform and surround the port. Soon, Tashigi, a Marine sergeant, meets Smoker and heads to the execution platform.
Meanwhile, the rest of the Straw Hats worry about the feeling in the air. Sanji tells the rest that he saw a lion with a guy in a teddy bear hat. On the other hand, Zoro is wondering where the townspeople are and Nami is worried about the weather. They are looking for Luffy on the execution platform.
The Marines receive a report of three wanted pirates on the execution platform, one being Alvida the Iron Mace, the other Buggy the Clown, and finally Luffy. Smoker has never heard of Luffy, but he thinks it could be a tough job.
Back on the platform, Luffy doesn’t really care that his own execution has gone so far as to scratch his nose. It is much to the shock of the rest of the Straw Hats when they notice that Luffy is about to be executed.

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