One Piece Manga Chapter 982

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Kanjuro brings a beaten Momonosuke to Orochi and Kaidou, though he informs them that their attempt to stop the alliance at Port Tokage has failed. Fukurokuju assures Orochi that apart from Luffy, Zoro, Kid, and Killer, they have seen no signs of an alliance in Onigashima, though Orochi is far from satisfied as he orders Momonosuke to be crucified.
Meanwhile, Nekomamushi informs the group at Polar Tang of his and Marco’s arrival. Denjiro captures Sasaki on the south side of Onigashima, while in the west, Usopp and Chopper lead Big Mom away from the samurai. As Nami, Carrot, and Shinobu sneak into the fortress, they are suddenly confronted by Prometheus. Elsewhere, Ulti and Page One finish before Luffy.
Kaidou yells at Black Maria to do the job he gave her and the rest of Tobiroppa, but she tells him to relax as enough people are looking for his son. Kaidou eventually accepts her presence, especially on a day when everyone can relax, to which Orochi happily agrees, believing that he has finally eliminated the ‘ghosts’ of the Kozuki clan. Orochi tells Kaidou that Kanjuro will be here soon, along with the captains of the ships he believes sank the Nine Red Pods. Kaidou looks ahead, wondering if he accidentally killed him. He then says that if Kanjuro is so trustworthy and claims he didn’t hear anything, then he will believe that Oden didn’t tell him anything about the Laughter Story. Kanjuro suddenly arrives and beats up several Beasts Pirates and carries an unconscious Momonosuke before Kaidou orders his men to stand down as he is Orochi’s ally.
Kanjuro greets Orochi and admits that he got lost trying to find him and several Beast Pirates attacked him because they still thought he was the enemy, for which he asks for his forgiveness. Orochi then notices Kanjuro carrying Momonosuke in his arms while also noticing that his face looks badly beaten. Kanjuro reveals that he tried to run away from him, so he beats him until he can’t move, though he assures them that he can still breathe. Orochi laughs at how ruthless Kanjuro truly is, defeating the heir of the Kozuki clan close to death, but Kanjuro says that now his role as a guardian is over and he sees Momonosuke as nothing more than a brat. Kaidou eventually recognizes Kanjuro and Momonosuke, noting that Momonosuke hasn’t changed since he last saw him. Kanjuro throws Momonosuke to the ground, saying that he is not worthy of his father’s name, as Black Maria picks him up and sympathetically says that Kanjuro’s actions were extremely cruel.
Just before Orochi can offer Kanjuro a drink, Kanjuro reveals that the plan to stop the raid failed because he underestimated Kin’emon’s tactical abilities (despite being pure luck). Orochi is nervous that the samurai are on their way to Onigashima, but Fukurokuju jumps down from the ceiling and reports that not a single ship has been seen in the harbor. He reveals that the three ships sent to handle them have not returned, and that Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Eustass Kid, and Killer have been spotted near the stage, with the possibility that their crews are also on Onigashima. Orochi yells why didn’t he say something earlier and Fukurokuju says that Queen is handling the situation so he felt there was no point in reporting it. He also reveals that the samurai in question have also not been spotted. He concludes by saying that with the full strength of their armies on Onigashima, there is no doubt that Orochi will be completely safe. Black Maria tries to cheer Orochi by pouring his drink, but Orochi is not convinced that the samurai are not on the island and wants them dead. Momonosuke wonders if they all made it to the island just as Orochi took him from Black Maria’s lap. Sadistically, he says that he will crucify the leader of their enemies and kill the last remnant of the Kozuki clan, which he believes will give him peace.
Off the coast of Onigashima, Inuarashi is informed that Nekomamushi and his men have finally arrived. Inuarashi yells at Nekomamushi what took him so long, but Nekomamushi says it’s okay because he finally arrived anyway. Inuarashi informs him that they are on their way to the northwestern tip of Onigashima before Nekomamushi hangs up. Kawamatsu expresses relief that Nekomamushi made it as Kikunojo wonders how big he’s gotten since the last time she saw him. Ashura Doji speaks that they must hurry to the entrance and Law says that his ship will allow them to bypass the sea currents on the sides of the island. Raizo hopes Kin’emon and Denjiro made it to the back entrance and hopes Momonosuke is okay.
Aboard Nekomamushi’s ship, Marco is surprised that he arrived at the same time as Nekomamushi, making the message he had him deliver to Luffy completely irrelevant. Nekomamushi says she can drop a message while thanking him for joining them. Marco says he liked Oden back then, but word of Wano never got out to sea, so he never knew his home was in as much danger as he thought. They continue their journey when a message is revealed: ‘Sorry if I’m a little late, but I’ll be there’.
At the Southern Army position, Sasaki meets Denjiro (still thinking he is Kyoshiro) and is surprised that he has come despite hearing otherwise, but Denjiro tells him to keep it a secret. Denjiro questions why Sasaki left the party and explains that he is looking for Kaidou’s son. Suddenly, Denjiro has his men tie Sasaki to a tree and orders him to be gagged as Sasaki yells what he is doing. Denjiro reveals the Kozuki clan mark on his back to Sasaki, shocking him as he asks if he knows anything about Wan’s history. Denjiro orders his men to split into an assault force and an infiltration force.
At Kin’emon’s position, Chopper and Usopp retreat from Big Mom in Brachio Tank V, while Kin’emon and his men emerge from the water and express amazement that even though they are scared to death, they lead Big Mom away so they can continue and samurai them he thanks as they continue on their way. Nami, Carrot, and Shinobu ask if Usopp and Chopper are okay before heading off as well, with Nami saying there’s nothing they can do to help Usopp and Chopper fend her off. They are then noticed by Prometheus, who recognizes Nami as the one who kidnapped Zeus. She then calls Big Mom, which freaks out all three women.
Inside Kaidou’s fortress, Ulti and Page One search for Yamato together, though Ulti starts to get on Page One’s nerves, saying that she is tired and demanding that he ride her on his back when she jumps on him. They both fall down the stairs and Ulti comes face to face with Luffy and they both question what each wants.

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