One Piece Manga Chapter 986

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Kin’emon and Denjiro are reunited with the other Nine Red Scabbards as Kanjuro lies defeated, and the duo reunites with Iza as the Scabbard heads to Kaidou’s fortress. As Luffy and Yamato head towards the Performance Stage, Luffy uses his advanced Busoshoku Haki to rip off Yamato’s exploding handcuffs.
On the Kaidou stage, Orochi gives the Oniwabanshu and Mimawarigumi a choice to join his crew or die, and both Fukurokuju and Hotei quickly pledge their allegiance to him. Kaidou then gives Momonosuke the opportunity to deny that he is a member of the Kozuki family, as he cannot believe that the boy is Oden’s son. However, Momonosuke took courage and proudly claimed his heritage. Just as Kaidou prepares to execute him and Luffy and Yamato arrive at the stage, the Nine Red Sheaths burst in and shout “Sunacchi” as they strike Kaidou.
Kin’emon and Denjiro’s group reach the back entrance of Onigashima and the Guardians bid them farewell as the duo climbs the stairs to Kaidou’s fortress. They reach the top and find nine more red pods silently waiting for them, with Kanjuro and his men lying defeated on the ground. Scabbards shed tears over Kanjuro as they reminisce about the times they shared in Oden’s service, and Kin’emon places a case on his fallen former comrade’s head as he passes him by. Izou remarks that he knows it must have been difficult for the duo, and Kin’emon and Denjiro are shocked to see him here. Kin’emon welcomes Izou, who is about to make his last stand here after missing previous chances for a meaningful death.
Inside the Skull Dome, Kaidou gives Orochi’s subordinates the choice to join him or die, saying that he would commend the samurai if they remain loyal to the deposed Shogun as dictated by their code and give up their lives. However, both Fukurokuju and Hotei quickly pledge the services of Orochi Oniwabanshu and Mimawarigumi to Kaidou, and Hyogoro openly reacts with anger at their lack of warrior pride. Big Mom is relieved to have the issue resolved and orders her friends to keep Nami and Carrot under control. Nami trusts Shinobu to save Momonosuke, and as Shinobu stealthily moves through the crowd, she notes that Oden knew all along that killing Orochi wouldn’t change anything, and that their real enemy is Kaido.
Kaidou then addresses Momonosuke, asking how a cowardly boy like him could be the son of someone like Oden. Since Momonosuke never answered when asked his name 20 years ago, Kaidou gives the boy a chance to admit that he is not part of the Kozuki family. Meanwhile, Luffy reveals to Yamato that the boy on the stage is Momonosuke and that all of his charges are still alive. Luffy then moves to remove Yamato’s handcuffs as promised and successfully uses his advanced Busoshoku Haki to damage them from the inside, allowing him to rip them off and throw them aside. Meanwhile, Who’s-Who and Ulti receive word that Yamato and Luffy are heading to the Performance Stage, and elsewhere, Usopp turns around the transformed Brachio Tank V to head for the stage despite Chopper’s concerns, telling him to trust the iron machine’s exterior. though Chopper spots giants around him. Some drunken beast pirates notice the Nine Red Scabbards heading towards them, but they are quickly taken out and Zoro, Kid, and Law continue to hold on as well.
Back on the scene, Momonosuke remembers his heritage and responsibility and boldly declares that he is indeed Kozuki Momonosuke, the man who will become Shogun of Wana. The Beasts Pirates immediately burst into laughter, and as Kaidou prepares to execute him, Momonosuke begins to cry as he regrets not being able to be a man worthy of facing his father and mother in the afterlife, and also that he couldn’t. to see his sister Hiyori again. Just then, there is a massive explosion from Yamato’s handcuffs in front of the stage, both Luffy and Yamato are pushed forward by it. Yamato is horrified that Kaidou’s threat to kill him was true and declares that he no longer considers him a father. However, Luffy prevents Yamato from approaching Kaido to wait for Pochev to arrive and officially start the battle. Just as he says this, the Sheaths burst in behind Kaidou and the All-Stars are shocked by their arrival. Izou quickly shoots the King’s sword out of his hand, and as the Scabbards prepare their weapons, Nekomamushi is able to hit Kaidou’s kanabo from his hand. Kaidou is surprised to see Denjiro among the Scabbards, and as he rushes towards him, he declares that their swords can’t do anything to him. However, the Bastards decide to abandon their name and wits and leap towards Kaidou with a fury that makes him remember Oden and his fight with him 20 years ago. Realizing that the situation is getting serious, the Beasts Pirates shout “Sunacchi” as they force Kaidou off the stage and impale him with their blades.

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