One Piece Manga Chapter 99

One Piece Manga Chapter 99

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As Luffy is about to be beheaded by Buggy, he declares as his last words that he will be the next Pirate King and accepts his fate with a smile. This makes a big impression on Smoker, who remembers Roger’s execution in the same place 22 years ago.
Zoro and Sanji fight the pirates to reach their captain. However, a storm arrives in Loguetown. As Buggy’s sword touches Luffy’s neck, they are struck by lightning. Luffy, being made of rubber, is unaffected by lightning. Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji run to their ship before the marines can catch them.
Buggy yells that Luffy pissed him off and that’s why he needs to be executed. He orders his pirates to create chaos in Loguetown for those who dare to interfere. Unaware that he is the one to be executed, Luffy tells Buggy that this is the first time he has seen an actual execution. Buggy tells the townspeople that they will see the live execution of Monkey D. Luffy.
Meanwhile, Nami tells Usopp that a storm is headed for the island and that he is more important than Luffy’s execution.
Back on the Straw Hats’ ship, Mohji and Richie prepare to set fire to the ship and have a backup plan if Luffy and his crew try to escape.
The marines are unsure of what to do as the pirates fight amongst themselves. Smoker tells the Marines to let them fight each other; that way they will have the power to capture both Alvida and Buggy once Luffy’s head is cut off.
Back at the platform, Luffy tells Buggy to let him go; however, Buggy says that if anyone tries to help Luffy, he will execute them. Luffy shouts that he will become the Pirate King, shocking everyone present on the execution platform. Buggy is about to cut off Luffy’s head when Zoro and Sanji show up to save Luffy. Smoker and Tashigi are surprised to hear that the pirate hunter Zoro belongs to the same crew as Luffy. Zoro and Sanji begin fighting Buggy and Alvid’s alliance to quickly destroy the platform stake. Apparently giving his last words to his crew as he will not survive the execution, Luffy smiles and accepts his fate. A shocked Smoker recalls Gold Roger’s execution 22 years ago.
Suddenly, Buggy is struck by lightning as he was about to kill Luffy. With the execution platform now destroyed, Luffy stands up and realizes that he is indeed a happy man. Everyone on the platform is confused by what just happened. Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji quickly run away, knowing that the area is surrounded by marines.
Smoker asks Tashigi if she’s ever seen someone laugh on the execution platform knowing they were going to die. He remembers that Gold Roger was the only one laughing right before he died. Realizing that Luffy is escaping, he orders the first unit to take care of them, but their gunpowder is wet due to a sudden storm, leaving the port clear for them to escape. Enraged, Smoker decides to capture Luffy, even though it’s the last thing he can do.

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