One Piece Manga Chapter 991

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Luffy accepts X Drake to join the alliance, but Zoro, Franky and Jinbe disagree. After being attacked by Usopp pretending to be Nami, the Ulti and Page One give chase. Apoo attacks Luffy and Sanji and summons Hatcha to battle. Franky tries to lure Hatcha out of the Skull Dome at Jinbe’s suggestion. Meanwhile, Apoo threatens to call the Numbers, but Zoro and Drake end their confrontation and attack him. However, Queen shoots unusual bullets at them from a gatling gun.
Meanwhile, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi defeat Jack and Kaidou intervenes in the battle as he shoots fire from his mouth towards the Nine Red Scabbards. However, Kin’emon cuts through the fire and injures Kaidou’s face, and the Sheaths prepare to lay down their lives to take Kaidou down.
The members of the Ninja-Pirate-Nink-Samurai Alliance recognize X Drake and wonder why he attacked one of the figures. As Drake stands in front of Luffy, he remembers how Koby told him about the pirate and said that Luffy could attract people to him to the point of becoming very close friends. Back in the present, Drake tells Luffy that he can’t reveal his motives, but their goals are aligned. However, Zoro immediately attacks Drake, mistaking him for just one of Kaidou’s servants like Hawkins. Drake replies that he was flushed from the Beasts Pirates, but Zoro, Franky, and Jinbe refuse to trust someone who betrayed their crew so easily. Luffy says that Drake can join them, but the other three refuse to agree.
When Page One sees Luffy again, Page One and Ulti activate their Devil Fruit powers and attack hordes of samurai to try to get to him, but Usopp continues and hits Page One Midori Boshi: Dokuro Bakuhatsu So. Ulti looks around to see who attacked and Usopp crouches behind Nami and tries to act like her to give her credit for the attack. Nami quickly reacts by punching Usopp and the pair quickly escape from the attacking Tobiropp. Meanwhile, Luffy and Sanji move together to get to Kin’emon’s group when Luffy has a premonition that Scratchmen Apoo is attacking. He tells Sanji to cover his ears as Supernova launches his Tatakau Music, rendering it ineffective. Apoo laments the defeats of Jaki, Goki, and Yuki, and is saddened that a group of giants strong enough to destroy countless cities were beaten up while drunk and partying. Hatcha then arrives and picks up Jaki, and Apoo asks him if he’s sober and tells him to show the alliance the power of Numbers. Luffy tries to go and fight Hatcha, only to be held back by Sanji. Hatch’s eyes then light up in admiration when he sees General Franky, and noticing this, Jinbe tells Franky to run away from the Skull Dome to lure the giant away from everyone else. Franky does and Hatcha chases after him.
Meanwhile, Zoro and Drake continue to clash as Drake tries to reason with the swordsman without revealing his true allegiance. However, Apoo runs nearby to call more Numbers, and Zoro and Drake quickly team up to simultaneously attack their supernova. While Apoo dodges and questions Drake’s actions, Drake and Zoro come to an agreement to team up against Apoo due to their mutual dislike of him. However, bullets suddenly rain down on the Live floor from above and Queen calls out to Drake from the Live Stage while holding a Gatling gun. As Zoro and Drake get back up after the onslaught, Drake suddenly becomes very concerned when he realizes what the bullets could be.
On the roof of the Skull Dome, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi defeat Jack using their Sulong forms, forcing Kaidou to intervene before they can hurt him further. Jack apologizes for being too weak, but Kaidou replies that he isn’t; rather, the two minks are extremely strong. Although the mink attack has ravaged Jack’s squad, Kaidou praises his subordinate for keeping everyone but their two masters under control and tells him to get his wounds treated. Kaidou then prepares to see how many of his attacks the Nine Red Sheaths can escape as he fires a Bolo Breath blast at them, but Kin’emon responds by using the Foxfire style to split the fire into two streams. His attack also gives Kaidou several small cuts around his mouth, and the Sheaths say they have no intention of running; they are prepared to lose their lives as long as he takes down Kaido.

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