One Piece Manga Chapter 994

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The scabbards quickly treat Kikunoj’s injury and Kaidou transforms back into his human form. Inside the Skull Dome, both the alliance members and the Beasts Pirates are affected by the Ice Oni, which will kill them within an hour without treatment. Queen decides to publicly give Apo the antidote, and Zoro leads the attack on the supernova. Meanwhile, Shinobu and Momonosuke meet Yamato, who protects them from the pirate Beasts.
Inuarashi orders his men to get off the roof while Kin’emon uses his Foxfire Style to cauterize Kikunoj’s severed arm, which allows him to stand up. Kaidou says that this is how a samurai should act and declares that he likes them, much like Roger and Whitebeard did. He changes back into his human form and says that it is not the progress of time but death that perfects humans. He asks if the samurai are ready to finish the fight, but Kin’emon replies that death at his hands would bring no honor to any of them.
Inside the castle on the first floor, Luffy, Sanji, and Jinbe manage to reach the floor before being confronted by two new Shinuchi named Fourtricks and Hamlet, who have eaten SMILEs that give them the appearance of a chicken and a giraffe. The two confidently say that the three can take care of them, before being easily defeated by Sanji and Jinbe, who shout that the way the animals breed on their bodies is annoying as the chicken poked its head out of Fourtricks back. near his back and Hamlet’s body is the head of a giraffe.
On the Live Floor, the Queen’s Ice Oni continue to spread to various people, including the Beasts Pirates themselves. A few of them yell at the Queen for bringing them into this, but the Queen counters that since they are Pleasures, it gives them a chance to do something other than smile and laugh. The samurai on both sides try to fend off the demons when Hyogoro sees that Omasa has become infected. Omasa tries to kill himself so he doesn’t hurt his friends, but Hyogoro stops him and tells him not to lose hope and wait until they find a cure, and only when that fails will he give him an honorable death. Chopper, Brook and Robin try to contain the demons as Chopper says that he won’t be able to come up with a cure and give it to all the infected in the middle of this fight, but he knows that whoever created the virus is present. and deduces from this that he must have the medicine with him, and if he secures it, they can mass-produce it. Brook acknowledges that this is a difficult task since Queen is an All-Star, as Chopper reveals that he is more worried about the consequences of this virus and the toll it will most likely take on the human body.
Robin asks what will happen if they leave them as they are, and Queen replies that everyone infected will die within an hour, laughing sadistically at the exciting show. Even Apoo is repulsed by the Queen’s weapon and tries to escape from the floor, but the Queen hands him the only antidote in the world and tells him that he will be executed if he lets them be obtained. Queen announces that she is starting a new game where everyone can chase Apoa to get the antidote, and if he escapes within an hour, he will live and everyone will die. Zoro is told by Chopper to claim the antidote while the samurai and pirates also shoot at him to prevent their enemies from recovering. Apoo curses the queen for putting him in this situation.
In the tower of the right brain, Sasaki declares that Yamato will not be able to escape him and that until Momonosuke dies, their mission is not over. The young boy asks who Yamato is, while Shinobu asks him to protect Momonosuke. Yamato promises to save Shinobu as well, revealing that he was present at Oden’s execution that day twenty years ago. Yamato admits that Shinobu’s speech that day and the story of Oden’s life moved him to tears. Yamato is shot down by Sasaki’s troops, but remains undeterred. He confesses that he raced to Kuri Castle to save Momonosuke, but couldn’t do anything to help him. He blows off one of the pirates and formally introduces himself as Yamato and that he is ready to die for him.

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