One Piece Manga Chapter 998

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Marco uses his phoenix flames to stop the Ice Oni from spreading, giving Chopper more freedom to produce antibodies. Scratchmen Apoo tries to take back the antidote to the virus, but is attacked by X Dragon in his allosaur form. With enough allies to protect Chopper, Zoro, Robin, and Brook decide to have Marco fly up to the roof of the dome with them.
Elsewhere, Sasaki prevents Franky from attacking his subordinates by turning into a triceratops and attacking him. On the third floor, Black Maria has transformed into a giant prehistoric spider and chases Sanji as he tries to get away, wanting to make him her pet. On the fourth floor, Jinbe is left to fight a horde of beast pirates while Luffy continues forward, and after Luffy leaves Jinbe, he confronts Who’s-Who. Outside the dome, Page One and Ulti continue to hunt down Nami and Usopp after defeating Hihimaru.
Meanwhile, Yamato and Momonosuke hide in a warehouse where a large dragon statue is housed. Yamato reveals to Momonosuke that the statue was damaged by Ace when he came here to kill Kaidou a few years ago.
The Beasts pirates are stunned to see Kaidou levitate Onigashi into the sky before turning their attention to Marco’s arrival. Marco uses his phoenix flames on Chopper, which concerns Zoro and Brook, but after Marco dodges them, Chopper realizes that even though he’s burning, he feels no pain and that the fire is just the right temperature to contain the virus. rear. Miyagi and Tristan arrive and tell Chopper that they are ready to make more antidotes for the Ice Oni, which pleases Chopper. Marco sees the other Ice Oni and uses an attack called “Nashi no Tsubute” to melt the ice on the infected, even Omasa regains control of himself. Marco tells Chopper to work fast because if they run out of stamina, they’ll be back. Watching, Queen becomes angry at Marco for his intervention and tells her men to steal the antidote back, claiming that the enemy won’t bother trying to save them. Chopper continues to make the cure.
After understanding the situation, Marco offers Zoro, Robin, and Brook to fly up to the roof. Brook worries about Chopper, but their allies offer to keep him safe. Scratchmen Apoo gets up and tries to get the antibodies from Chopper. However, X Drake stops Apoa by grabbing him with his mouth in his full Allosaurus form and throwing him to the ground. Drake tells Zoro that if he sees him as an ally, then they can go and leave him the word. Zoro accepts it.
On the fourth floor, Jinbe tells Luffy that the reason Sanji stayed on the third floor is most likely because he sensed a very powerful enemy, causing Luffy to remark that he needs to further train his Kenbunshoku Haki. Jinbe also sees that the fourth floor is full of tough enemies and offers to stay behind and let Luffy continue. On the right brain tower, Franky fires at Sasaki’s soldiers with General Franky blocking his shots before Sasaki attacks Franky and knocks him down. After he recovers, Franky sees that Sasaki has transformed into a Triceratops after eating Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Triceratops. Sasaki and his soldiers tell Franky to surrender because he is the strongest animal in the world.
In the banquet hall on the third floor, Sanji, still bound, runs away from Black Maria and her group, with Black Maria revealing that she has eaten the Kumo Kumo no Mi, Model: Rosamygale Grauvogeli. She teasingly tells him to stay forever so she can make him her pet. Sanji tries to keep his cool, but in his eyes, he is completely surrounded by girls he considers heaven. However, this causes all the women to say that something is wrong with Sanji. Jinbe enters Nekoka-fé on the fourth floor and confronts the Who’s-Who who ate the Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Saber Tiger. He seems a bit disappointed that Luffy continued to harass Kaido and demands that Jinbe leave his subordinates alone while calling him a former sea warrior. Jinbe tells Who’s-Who that he would rather be referred to as the straw pirate’s helmsman now, causing Who’s-Who to sarcastically apologize that he called him that because he once saw him when he was a warrior. Jinbe tells Who’s-Who that if he takes off his mask, he might remember him, but Who’s-Who tells him that will never happen. Before the Dome, Page One and Ulti defeated Hihimaru and are currently fighting the samurai and wondering where Usopp and Nami went, with Ulti wanting to smash Nami’s head.
Yamato brings Momonosuke and Shinoba to the Skull Dome warehouse to treat her, confident that no one will find them there. Momonosuke notices the statue and asks Yamato what it is. He explains that it was a dragon statue that was previously placed at the entrance to Onigashima, but was thrown away after his friend destroyed it. That friend is Portgas D. Ace, who revealed to Yamato that he came to Wan many years ago to kill Kaidou.

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